Business Simulations

Business Simulations are a very effective tool in developing business management skills. They enable professional to develop their skills while at the same time being fun, realistic, challenging and competitive.

Just like they are used in the airline industry to develop and finetune the core capabilities of pilots, in the same way, they can be used to develop the capabilities required within the corporate environment.


They can be used as


  • A learning tool for developing corporate management skills
  • An assessment tool for internal promotions
  • An assessment tool for recruiting
  • A motivational & re-energising teambuilding tool at corporate events


Their objective is to give managers an overall understanding of the areas they need to consider when managing a department or business unit. Managers need to understand that in order to be successful, they must have the ability to take decisions having in mind the effects on the whole organization. Strategy can be developed and implemented in a near realistic environment giving the opportunity to managers to try things out without the danger of causing real damage to their actual company.

The higher levels of interactivity and engagement provide a learning environment where participants quickly get absorbed in the learning and immediately put this into practice. Participants leave the simulation with an enhanced capability and the desire to apply this into the workplace to achieve greater results for the organisation.


Some learning messages

  • Managers should work together as one team, not separate departments
  • Each Head of Department should act as a mini-CEO of the whole company
  • Consider the impact of your decisions on the whole company
  • Consider the effect of internal decisions on Customers and the market
  • The importance of keep control of the financials.


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"we felt the need for a “realistic” game where each manager would have the opportunity to understand how the different dimensions cooperate and interact (purchasing, marketing, HRM, operations) and how this impacts the overall business performance. Acting as a mini-CEOs and seeing the big picture was a goal that our managers have achieved. Admittedly, they left the training room more informed, motivated and engaged!"
LOUKIA MAKRI-CHRISTOFIDE Group Human Resources Manager

"My observation of your program was that it really did challenge the teams and I really liked the complexity and real-time results. Thanks for your efforts and I am sure we will be using you again."
Managing Director, SAS

“All participants were very enthusiastic about the simulation that brought out their entrepreneurship, their engagement and improved and fine-tuned their decision making skills. The simulation breaks the business down so that the departmental heads can understand what decisions have to be made and how these decisions affect their operation. Moreover, it seriously improves the team spirit, and creates a healthy spirit of competition within the team. I strongly recommend this training to any organisation and believe that the departmental heads will thoroughly enjoy the training simulation and the knowledge that they will gain from it.”
Demetris Demetriou, MA General Manager St Raphael Resort


“We chose one of your simulations, as we needed an exercise that would stimulate, engage and develop our managers. We also wanted one that would get them to think about business and create some lively debate - your simulation certainly hit the mark”
Managing Director, Barclays


“The Nokia Retail Simulation was the highlight of the Retail Programme. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the simulation and I am sure that they have learned more about retail this way than other forms of learning.” Managing Director, Nokia