Organisational Culture

Everyone talks of developing a “Performance Culture”. The challenge is developing a mind-set where everyone understands and accepts that they are individually accountable for delivering on their targets. Perfomance should be everyone's business.

Organisational Culture refers to the way people in an organisation THINK, ACT and REACT to colleagues, customers and the market. In most organisations, Culture has evolved with time. In high-performance organisations, Culture is not left to the uncertainty of evolution, instead designed and continuously strengthened.

The DanatCon Culture Improvement process aims to develop those behaviours throughout Management and Staff that will enable the organisation achieve its strategic objectives.

Our methodology - developed through experience, has been applied with proven success at some of the world’s most reputable companies. The secret of its success is “focus on implementation”. By following a series of carefully designed steps, the organisation’s Values are transformed into practical everyday behaviours.




The benefits of a well-executed Culture Improvement process go far beyond improved behaviours. As many executives have commented; “We were surprised by the magnitude of operational improvements achieved as a result of this process”.

Improved behaviours encourage re-assessment of the organisation’s working practices, which in turn lead to:

  • Increased process efficiency and overall cost savings
  • Closer collaboration between departments driving speedier resolution of issues and improved inter-organisational alignment

A strong and strategy-aligned culture is the foundation of business success.