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Business Acumen

In today’s fast changing and demanding business environment, professionals are required to take decisions based on several variables of their business and the market. To enable this to happen, professionals must have a good understanding of what it takes to run a successful business as well as understand the relationship between all the business elements, how they influence each other and their impact on the market. Business acumen is not a single skill but a set of skills that, working together, help professionals deliver more value to their organisations.

Business acumen is acquired through experience. However, the learning process can be speeded up using innovative learning methodologies and tools.

Business Simulations

DanatCon uses several innovative methods to help organisations develop business acumen skills. Gamified learning modules and business simulations tend to be the most effective approach for sustainable learning and developing business acumen.

Our award-winning Business Simulations enable professionals to develop their skills, while at the same time being fun, realistic, challenging and competitive.

Just like simulations are used in the airline industry to develop and finetune the core capabilities of pilots, in the same way, they can be used to develop the capabilities required within the corporate environment.

  • A learning tool for developing corporate management skills
  • An assessment tool for internal promotions
  • An assessment tool for recruiting
  • A motivational & re-energising teambuilding tool at corporate events

The higher levels of interactivity and engagement provide a learning environment where participants quickly get absorbed in the learning and immediately put this into practice. Participants leave the simulation with an enhanced capability and the desire to apply this into the workplace to achieve greater results for the organisation.

Below, you can watch a short video of a business simulation event happening.

Marios Konstantinou -Managing Director
DanatCon delivered a powerful business simulation training to the Charalambides Christis leadership team.  This was highly engaging and effective to assess the level of business acumen amongst our people and to educate and inspire a helicopter thinking in our business decisions.  During the simulation our people were able to experience and appreciate each other’s reactions/knowledge/ perspective on a professional basis and to understand that business success depends on the right balance of investment on the different functions of a company and to a cooperative approach amongst the leaders of the functions. I would highly recommend this training and DanatCon to any company that wants to elevate the strategic thinking of its leadership team.