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Companies and the professionals that power them ahead, face a constant series of challenges in an effort to remain competitive and successful in a market that changes faster and faster every year. Although the challenges may be similar across different companies and market sectors, the solutions are rarely similar. To be effective, the solutions need to be custom made to the specific company, sometimes, even to the specific person.

At DanatCon, we recognise that. For more than 20 years we have been guiding and supporting professionals to either overcome challenges or enable higher levels of performance.

Whether you are an entire organisation, a team or an individual, we can be your guide and support. This is how…

Consulting Services in practice

Coached senior managers of a large financial institution to improve their time and workload management, resulting in greater work effectiveness and lower stress levels.

Guided the sales team of a major international beverage company that was facing challenges in meeting end-of-year targets to re-design their strategy and thus, not only recover, but deliver above targets by year end.

HR and Strategy Consulting

The 2-stage process begins with a company-wide health check (audit) of your organisation’s processes in two specific areas; HR and Business Strategy. Following this, a report is produced evaluating current systems and identifying gaps and areas for improvement. These are presented and discussed with management and a priority action list agreed.

This is followed by the implementation phase whereby the DanatCon team will act on the priority list agreed to improve on the issues identified during the health check.

Alternatively, a collaboration on a retainer-base can be agreed whereby a DanatCon consultant visits your organisation on a regular basis to provide guidance and support on a continuous basis.

Business Coaching

Through 1on1 check-ins with professionals, we aim to assist them in becoming more effective and productive. We can assist in helping them to manage their time more productively, organise their workload to focus on the important issues, identify and manage their priorities so as to deliver better on company objectives and much more.

Team Breakthrough Performance Package

Through a structured process which involves consulting, learning and coaching, we will enable you and your team to achieve much higher levels of performance. We will guide you through setting the correct Objectives and Key Result Indicators (OKRs), creating action plans and then guide you through the implementation so as to achieve “Breakthrough Performance”.