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Leadership Development

Today’s organisations face new leadership challenges, such as those associated with developing multiple generations of leaders at various levels. Leaders that exhibit agility and are able to welcome, influence and manage change, can inspire and align team members and can be effective in today's flatter organizational structures.

Ultimately, the challenge lies with equipping managers and supervisors with those leadership skills that can help them develop high performing teams and position their organisation for the future.

Building Effective Leadership

Developed and implemented a custom designed learning solution for an international organisation to improve people-management capability of the leadership team. A blended solution combining learning and 1on1 coaching. The solution was designed to enable senior leaders to carry on with their operational duties while learning and had a significant focus on learning implementation.

Practical and Results driven

One of the biggest challenges in developing leadership skills is that in many cases, theory and real-life, differ. Our consultants, through their operational experience, are able to translate leadership theory into practical implementable steps.

Our methodology is practical and results driven. Through group learning and individual coaching and feedback sessions, we guide professionals to improve. Our tailor-made leadership development programmes energise and inspire participants, encourage personal change and enhance overall effectiveness for leaders and teams to support strategy execution.

Marina Sevastidou -HR Services Specialist
The Leadership Development Programme, run by DanatCon for our managers, has produced several positive outcomes, especially in their ability to engage and motivate their team members. Thank you for your dedication, time and effort in designing, delivering and completing this learning experience.