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Performance Management

With the market becoming more and more competitive, only the strongest survive – but only the fittest of those can demonstrate sustainable growth. Managing Performance at both the company level as well as the personnel level, is a critical success factor for all organisations.

To enable sustained performance, an organisation requires three key elements:

  • All personnel need to adopt a “performance mind-set”
  • Effective systems and processes to measure and monitor performance
  • The soft skills required to set and achieve performance

At DanatCon we help organisations develop these three elements and empower personnel to deliver outstanding performance.

Performance Management in practice

Assisted a large bank specialising in high-net-worth individuals to improve their existing performance appraisal system and evolve it gradually into a complete succession planning system.

Facilitated the sales team of a major beverage manufacturer/distributor to define a detail action plan on how to achieve their annual sales targets for the following year.

A fairer and more efficient workplace

Effective performance management leads to a better workplace - a fair and more efficient working environment. It is a win-win situation, where both staff and the organisation enjoy the benefits.

Effective and productive employees can rightfully be recognised for their contribution and rewarded accordingly. At the same time, members of staff who need support and more direction to develop, can be identified and can be given the help required to prosper in the organisation.

DanatCon will review your processes, identify areas for improvement and propose solutions to elevate personal, departmental and overall organisational performance. We coach managers / supervisors on how to set goals and expectations, monitor and improve performance and how to give and receive feedback, not just once or twice a year (in the context of formal appraisals) but every day, at the right opportunity.