Everyone agrees that developing your peoples’ capabilities should never stop.

However, the current pandemic is forcing us to work and learn from home.  In view of this, we have made the necessary adjustments to our programmes so that they can be delivered online as well.

We have also recognised that Remote Working has created the need for new skills if organisations are to survive and prosper in this new reality.  Thus, we have developed three unique programmes (more to come) specifically targeted at people working remotely.


   Delivering Effective Online Business Presentations
  • Acquire the skills to deliver online presentations in a Confident, Structured and Impactful way.
   Leading Remote Teams
  • Learn how to keep your remote team Engaged, Positive and Productive.
   Improving Productivity & Effectiveness by Working Smarter (Time Management)
  • Adopt simple yet effective practices to help you be productive and maintain work/life balance while working from home.


All programmes are customisable to suit your type of business and the participant mix and are eligible for HRDA subsidy.

Further details can be seen by clicking here.

We would be delighted to hear from you (email, call or contact us) to discuss how these programmes can improve the effectiveness of your teams.